Welcome to Ujjwal Kabra's homepage.

Most of my family calls me Anshu, and in fact some distant leaves in my family tree are blissfully unaware of my real name.

I haunt most internet forums and mailing lists as brilliantnut. A lot of friends actually call me Brilliantnut or BN in real life too, instead of Ujjwal.

I'm getting married!! More information here and here.

This page is not as comprehensive as you would expect it to be. While you are here, might as well go and visit the only sections in this site which have been constructed.

Some things I've worked on:

You can find more details here: View Ujjwal Kabra's profile on LinkedIn

I have had two stints as the board-moderator of the Cerebration board at the hIghQ Plaza, and measly issues like lack of time have out both times.

Although a geek at heart, I'm not usually fanatical about open source, Linux, GPL or other such stuff.
What follows is a list of stuff I use/support/believe in:

Of course, do come back later, but don't come back with hopes too high..

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